Our SPIN Annual General Meeting would have been due to take place on 23 June.  However, our Prime Minister has indicated that it will be at least 4 July before people will be able to start to meet in larger numbers again.  We know this because he has said that social meeting places like pubs, clubs and restaurants will be permitted to open again on that date, but even then there would need to be a safe distance between each person who gathers in those places, and presumably this will only happen if the rate of infection is still going down.   

We are therefore obviously not going to be able to hold our AGM on the date designated.  Our end of financial year accounts will still be published on the Charity Commission website at the correct time, as is our legal obligation, but the Charity Commission is allowing AGMs to be postponed, if necessary, until it is deemed safe to meet, or they can meet via a medium such as Zoom.  We prefer a face to face meeting, so at the present time, with the information we have to hand, we do not anticipate holding our AGM until towards the end of the year. 

The minutes of the previous meeting are always sent out to members, parents, care homes, staff, volunteers and committee, a month before the current AGM is due to take place, and we will do this, as usual, when a new date is decided upon.

L Thompson


26 May 2020